Technology Hub

Future Technologies for Today's Business

Technology Hub is a cross-sectoral event presenting new technologies in an atmosphere of integration and  reciprocal contamination. It is a 360-degrees fair providing commercial relatioships with professionals belonging to different fields. A networking ground where to interact with digital trasformation operators from all productive sectors.

Come visit Technology Hub in Milan, MiCo – Fieramilanocity from 17th to 19th may 2018. The thematics of the fair are: biopolymers, recicled and regenerated materials, services and technology for green mobility, renewable energy, product life cycle, digital technology, IoT for sustenaibility.

What Is Project HUB-360 Into?

Circular Economy


Circular Economy is the future of economy, planet and people.

In the context of circular economy two kinds of materials can be distunguished: bio-based materials, which can be naturally reinstated in the biosphere; and technological materials coming from the technosphere and result of synthetic processes.

The term “circular” stands for the ciclic nature of flows, which involve extraction, production, use, reuse and recycle of materials, aiming at a longer life cycle of products and resources. It is a revolutionary economical system based on the primordial principle of natural cycles, hence in harmony with the environment’s balance.


Knowledge and management of data are necessary during our transaction towards circular economy.
A data-driven approach helps us in drawing products and materials life cycle, besides monitoring energy consumption and evaluating environmental impacts. Elaboration and extraction of information from data makes possible choices intended to optimize processes, products and enterprise systems, or to measure efficiency in view of a continuous improvement.




Nanotechnology means technological and economical innovation. Their application in varied fields is a reality since years now, indeed we can find nanotechnolgy solutions in consumer goods, flexible electronic and everyday usage products and materials.

Nanotechnology can be used to improve wear resistance, elastic properties and resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses, so to make longer products life cycle. But it can also lend hydro and oil repellent funtions to surfaces, generate or accumulate energy, or give surfaces multitasking properties, such as transparency, electrical condunctivity or rejection of infrared radiations.

During Technology Hub, we will discuss about nanotechnology linked to: graphene, innovative surfaces, composite materials, materials for additive processes, electrospinning, smart and technical tissues, micro devices and sensors.