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Circular Economy, Nanotechnology- Technology Hub


Circular Economy is the future of economy, planet and people.

“Circular” stands for an uninterrupt flow created by the extension of products and resources life cicle. This is a revolutionary economical system, founded on nature principles but which cannot work without dedicated innovative technologies.

Nanotechnologies represent a fundamental opportunity for technological innovation and economical growth.  Their application has been a reality for years now. As a matter of fact, we can find nanotechnology solutions in consumer goods, flexible electronics and products and materials of everyday usage.

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Nanotechnology meets Industry

Nanotechnology and New Materials Square - MECSPE 2018

Nanotechnolgy and New Materials Square is an international event dedicated to the industrial applications of nanotechnology, within MECSPE – the reference fair for the manufacturing industry in Italy.

Nanotechnology Square will host cutting-edge companies operating in the nanotech sector, introducing their innovative solutions, processes and tools suitable to several industrial fields. The final goal of this area is to explain and show nanotechnology and new materials industrial employment in relation to the 4 thematic of the 12 thematic shows of the fair.