Data Analysis

In the indutrial field, innovation often means revolutionary products, but it can also stand for new production processes aiming at a more effective management. With this goal, Project HUB-360 developed an inclusive approach to the planning of production activities, that is a statistic model analysing corporate data to identify strenghts and wicknesses of the entire enterprise system.

Our analitic tools include the Design of Experiments method (DOE). Which consists in a factor analysis, a sensitivity analysis and a set of simulations with the objective to determine clear guidelines for a more sustainable production.


What is DOE?

DOE is a statistic trobleshooting method, which can be also applied to optimize manufacturing processes. Indeed, by employing statistic methods during the data collection step, we can reduce the planning timescale and design a more effective plan. Specifically, DOE method quantifies the effect of each factor influencing the prodution, generating mathematical models capable to predict the entire system behaviour in varied circumstances. In this way, it is possible to forecast a set of scientifically-based likely scenarios and – consequently – adjust the manufacturing process.